Veterinary Immunology Email Listserver

An email listserver for veterinary immunologists has been established at the University of Massachusetts, under the auspices of VIC-IUIS. The service provides access to veterinary immunologists world-wide and since its inception has provided an outstanding forum for exchange of information related to all aspects of veterinary immunology. Recent discussions have included:

  • Exchange of unpublished non-proprietary information
  • Philosophical/scientific discussions
  • Position and meeting announcements
  • Protocol modification, advice, updates, and clarifications
  • Resources for immunology teaching
  • Identification of individuals with specific expertise
  • On-line discussions on diverse immunologic topics

To let colleagues know how to subscribe or to change your own subscription (i.e. when you get a new email address) go to the following web page:

If you wish to post a message to vetimm to be distributed to all subscribers, send an email to and then your message.

Questions concerning the list can be directed to: Cynthia Baldwin at