Corporate Sponsors

Corporate Sponsorship remains similar to what is has been in the past years. We continue to get support through Corporate Memberships in AAVI, primarily from Corporate Dues that are $1,500/yr. The following companies have been on and off members during the past 10 or more years, however, some names and owners have changed: Merial Limited is now solely owned by Sanofi. Pfizer Animal Health (current name Zoetis) is a new public company. Schering-Plough- Intervet more recently became Merck Animal Health. Boehringer Ingelheim now includes the former Fort Dodge Animal Health. We continue to look for additional corporate members since their contribution through membership dues is critically important to support the yearly activities of AAVI. If an AAVI member is an employee of any of these companies, please encourage your company to continue to pay their annual corporate membership dues. If any AAVI members are employed by a company that would like to become a Corporate Member of AAVI please get them to join by contacting R. D. Shultz or by sending their corporate dues of $1,500. If anyone knows of a company that may be interested in joining AAVI, please talk to them directly or have them contact us about joining AAVI.

Boerhinger Ingelheim
Ridgefield, Connecticut


Merck Animal Health



Merial Limited
Duluth, Georgia

Florham Park, New Jersey